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 Welcome to The Travsessed Podcast: 

The Podcast that is Obsessed with all Things Travel

 Welcome to inRoute: Power of  Travel Podcast, formerly known as Freedom In Scrubs Podcast and Gapped Travel Podcast

Meet Kim and Erran, a thirty something couple who’s obsessed with all things TRAVEL!!

In 2012, After feeling burnt out & unfulfilled with the 9-5 grind lifestyle they were living,
they decided to quit their full time jobs, sell their house & everything they owned & start their wild & crazy adventure of healthcare traveling!!

They’ve been nomads for the past 8 years, living & working in hospitals all over the US!!

Celebrating 10 years of marriage, they are gearing up to take their Dream Trip….
An entire year off to TRAVEL THE WORLD!!
(once it’s safe to travel again post covid19)

On this podcast, Kim and Erran take you along with them as they kick off their “Adult Gap Year!!”

From the Planning/Prepping/Budgeting phase, leading up to the trip,
To all the Crazy Stories, Adventures, & Lessons learned while on the road,
To the transition back home as they begin the next chapter of their lives…
They are taking you along with them…sharing all the things….every step of the way!

This podcast will also feature fun and exciting interviews of other travelers that have had monumental shifts and inspiration from long term travel.

Their mission is to help others Create more INSPIRATION & FREEDOM in their own lives, through Travel….
And so this podcast is loaded with tons of Valuable Tips, Tools & Stories to help you feel Inspired, Prepared & Ready to jump up and say YES YES YES to your own LONG TERM TRAVEL ADVENTURES!!

You can expect each Episode to be Inspiring, Fun, Entertaining, & Value Packed!!
New episodes every TUESDAY!!

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Vlog 12: heading home… IT’S GO TIME!!!
The process of signing up with a new company is very time consuming….

But once it’s done …
It’s done & you’ve just opened yourself up to more travel opportunities 👍

What you need typically to sign up with new company:
Send resume
Send licenses
Fill out application
Fill out long work history (this takes the longest)
Recent References
Shills check list
All things to set up pay…taxes etc…

It’s a process but definitely worth it once it’s all done!!

We wanted to get our stuff sent over with Aya before we head back to the US so that our new recruiter
Will have what she needs so we get the ball rolling for us!!

Also our main recuiter from Club gets back this week …

Both Club & Aya seemed to have tons of jobs for both US & IR..

So we will start there and see what this week reveals 🙂
#imtravsessed #travsessed #healthcaretraveler #travelhealthcare #ultrasoundtech #irtech #travelcouple #radiologylife #radiologytraveler

We’re leaving Bali today 😢

It’s definitely bitter sweet…

After 4 months of traveling & being on the go…

We’re so looking forward to coming home & getting settled in for a minute 🙂

But we’re also feeling all the feels as we Say our goodbyes to this very special island !!

It’s one of our favorite places in the world!!

And the 2 months that we’ve spent here have been magical…

Bali gave us exactly what we needed right now ..

Some space…some clarity…some inspiration…

It has served it’s purpose for now…

And we’re ready to come home…

Take a contract…

Make some awesome money…

And start laying the foundation for our next chapter 🙂

We are going to plan a Travsessed Adventure trip in Bali next year…

Which makes it easier to leave knowing we will be back soon:)

✌️ Bali
You are magic & we freakin love you!!

See you soon:)!!!
#imtravsessed #travsessed #balitravel #healthcaretraveler #travelsonographer #ultrasoundtech #irtech #travelhealthcare #kimanderrang

Vlog 11: Leaving Bali & signing up with a new company

Today we start our long journey back to the US:)

We will be disconnected Monday & Tuesday bc we will be flying home…

So Once we get to Florida….we will really start to be more aggressive…. looking for a contract!!

Also our main recruiter from Club gets back Monday.. so it will be nice to have him back on the team…hustling for us !!

It will be easier to connect with recruiters and set up interviews when we’re back in the same times zone

Not that you can’t do all the things while traveling in a different country… it’s just obvi easier when your home 🙂

We will be in Bangkok this weekend & will start the process of sending over all the things needed to set up a new profile & establish a brand new relationship with a new company!

We’ve never worked with Aya before …
But we’ve seen tons of IR & US jobs together through them..

And we want to be able to jump on those opportunities that come up!!

One of our good travel friends that really knows the industry & someone that we trust ..

Recommend her Aya recruiter to us ….

So We’ve connected with her via email and we like her energy & she seems like she is on her game…

So we’re exited to get the ball rolling together & see what happens 🙂

Ok That’s all for now:)
#imtravsessed #travsessed #healthcaretraveler #travelhealthcare #ultrasoundtech #irtech #travelcouple

Today is our last full day here in Bali:)!

We are definitely going to miss it ..but also ready to come home:)!!

One of our absolute fav things we did in Bali!! 👇

📍 Tembeling Natural Springs & Beach
Nusa Penida

There are 2 natural springs & a beautiful beach hidden deep within the jungle!!

You have to spend the night on the island to be able to go here because it’s off the beaten path & not one of normal stops on the island tours!

Which is nice bc that means…
LESS CROWDS… which we are all about!!

It also requires a scooter to get there 🛵

You can either take your own….

Or hire a local at the entrance (which is what we did) for 100k IDR & they will scoot you down…wait for you…take pictures & scoot you back up when you are ready!!

Totally worth every penny + you are also supporting the local community:)!! 👌

The path to get down is very very sketchy!!
It’s super narrow….bumpy….steep & entails a very confident …expert driver to navigate!!

Travsessed Pro Tip:
Get there early!!
We got there at like 10am and we had the natural springs, swings & beach all to ourselves .

A few people started to trickle in a bit later!

This place is pure paradise:)
An absolute must when visiting Nusa Penida!!
#imtravsessed #travsessed #tembelingbeach #tembelingforest #nusapenidaisland #balitravel

Vlog 10: Lafeyette IR is gone…we found out on a LIVESTREAM 🫣🙈🤯😂😫

Usually we are pretty open to locations … especially when we are both looking for a job….

But we were sooooo wanting Colorado to work out !!

We did a livestream this morning and a traveler (that Erran knows and has worked with) said she was actually heading to Colorado to work in Lafayette next week:(

Meaning the job had already been filled but was still showing as open on the system (damn VMS jobs)

Unless they need 2 travelers….
🤔 which is what we are trying to find out now ..

We also have 2 ins there now … so we can get the Inside scoop 🤞

I still haven’t heard back from the manager in Boulder ..

We still are feeling Colorado vibes … very strongly…
It just feels so right … we can’t shake it ..

So we don’t feel like it’s totally dead YET….

So we will see what happens …
We will also start to see what else is out there …

But that’s where we are at today:)
#healthcaretraveler #travelhealthcare #ultrasoundtech #irtech #travelcouple #travsessed #imtravsessed

Vlog 9: Expensive NIGHTMARE trying to fly home !! (8/2)

Originally we booked great flights from South Korea to NYC in September for like $600 bucks!!

Because we are now coming home early so Erran can take care of his CA License + we’re just ready to come home..

We had to change our flight…

The prices have gone up sooooo much….it’s insane!!

Also Because we aren’t super flexible with dates … we don’t have a lot of wiggle room to find a good deal.

We also wanted to get into SFO early…. Bc we’re staying the night in our dream hotel …but more on that another time !!

So we were definitely being a bit more picky than we normally would …. But still!!

We ended up not using the Hopper credit bc it was an absolute nightmare ….

We will never use that app again!! It’s horrible and the prices never match up…

So we have a credit and will save that for another time .. we have 6 Months to use it !!
We don’t want to see another 🐰 for a very long time 😂

So economy prices went up from like $1000 per person to almost 2k for like economy… WTF!!

And the routes were ridiculous… like 3 & 4 stops and crazy hours … I was exhausted just looking at it !!

The airlines are insane right now !!!
If you don’t have to travel ….. DON’T!!

We ended up going through Our United Savers program bc we use the United Explorer card…

Found a business class flight for the same cost of economy on 8/8!!

So we aren’t going to Vietnam … it was just to much with the flights and all the things…

We’re over it and ready to be back in the USA!!

So flights are booked and that’s a wrap!! ✌️ ✈️
#healthcaretraveler #travelhealthcare #ultrasoundtech #irtech #travelcouple #imtravsessed #travsessed

Vlog 8: We Finally Got The Call… Will Colorado be a good fit or not???? (8/2)

So First of all Roshana ended up being amazing!!!

Here’s the Skjnny….
There was an US & IR job in Lafayette CO that we’re very high paying ….

That was very exciting to us..

The Us job needed up being Cardiac so I’m out…

She submitted Erran for the IR job…

The challenge it’s a VMS job so Club doesn’t have any control over getting interviews & they don’t have very many details….

We hope he gets an interview 🤞

She had the US Boulder job I wanted but as expected the Bill rate is lower than I’d like …

And as we know Boulder is a very expensive area 👎

I would never even consider taking the job but we really want to live in that area & I hear good things about the department…

But the only way it could work….

Is if Erran and I both work … so we can save the money we want too…

So as of now … Erran is submitted and we are waiting to hear back

I reached out to the manager and said I was submitted but could only take the job if E found something too…

Bc it’s low paying … I was just super honest and put it all out there !

Also asked if they could raise the bill rate ….

You never know unless you ask…

Waiting to hear back on all the things 🙂

Also in the meantime we are connecting with a setting up a profile with a new recruiter from Aya 🙂

Will keep ya posted !!

Also all the vlogs are in order..

Labeled Vlog 1 … vlog 2…etc…
so make sure to start at Vlog 1 and make your way through them…
Or none of this will make sense lol
#healthcaretraveler #travelhealthcare #ultrasoundtech #irtech #imtravsessed #travsessed #travelcouple

Vlog 7: Speed Is Everything (8/2)

This industry moves very fast….
Jobs for very fast…. Especially the good ones!!

You want to be submitted quickly …
In order to even get an interview!!

They usually just choose the first couple of resumes sent over and interview them…

You want to be one of those resumes on top of the pile!!

If your late to the party the chances of getting an interview are very low!!

#imtravsessed #travsessed #healthcaretravel #travelhealthcare #ultrasoundtech #irtech

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