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 Welcome to The Travsessed Podcast: 

The Podcast that is Obsessed with all Things Travel

 Welcome to inRoute: Power of  Travel Podcast, formerly known as Freedom In Scrubs Podcast and Gapped Travel Podcast

Meet Kim and Erran, a thirty something couple who’s obsessed with all things TRAVEL!!

In 2012, After feeling burnt out & unfulfilled with the 9-5 grind lifestyle they were living,
they decided to quit their full time jobs, sell their house & everything they owned & start their wild & crazy adventure of healthcare traveling!!

They’ve been nomads for the past 8 years, living & working in hospitals all over the US!!

Celebrating 10 years of marriage, they are gearing up to take their Dream Trip….
An entire year off to TRAVEL THE WORLD!!
(once it’s safe to travel again post covid19)

On this podcast, Kim and Erran take you along with them as they kick off their “Adult Gap Year!!”

From the Planning/Prepping/Budgeting phase, leading up to the trip,
To all the Crazy Stories, Adventures, & Lessons learned while on the road,
To the transition back home as they begin the next chapter of their lives…
They are taking you along with them…sharing all the things….every step of the way!

This podcast will also feature fun and exciting interviews of other travelers that have had monumental shifts and inspiration from long term travel.

Their mission is to help others Create more INSPIRATION & FREEDOM in their own lives, through Travel….
And so this podcast is loaded with tons of Valuable Tips, Tools & Stories to help you feel Inspired, Prepared & Ready to jump up and say YES YES YES to your own LONG TERM TRAVEL ADVENTURES!!

You can expect each Episode to be Inspiring, Fun, Entertaining, & Value Packed!!
New episodes every TUESDAY!!

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We are loving the Hudson Valley:) ❤️

We know the snow is coming and we’re a little bit nervous about driving in it 🚙❄️🥶

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve lived in a wintery place!! ⛄️

But we’re also looking forward to trying some winter sports this year + we plan to enjoy cozy… snowy days cuddled up under a blanket drinking warm hot coco … looking out the window 🙈
(you know like you see them do in the Movies 🤣)

As travelers Our fav thing to do is explore a new town….through its FOOD!!!! 😋 👩‍🍳 👨‍🍳

Our mission is to always sniff out the yummiest places to eat in town & we’re all about a long… fun… outdoor vibey lunch:)

Ziatun is a Palestinian restaurant in Beacon & it had some of the yummiest lentil soup, hummus & baba ghanoush we’ve ever had:)!! 😋

Foodie Travelers: how do you find the best places to eat while you’re in town?
#imtravsessed #travsessed #beaconny #foodietraveler #healthcaretraveler #travelhealthcare #ultrasoundtech #irtech #radiology

5 things we’d NEVER do as a healthcare traveler:) 🤣

After 10 years of traveling we’ve definitely learned a lot & have a ton of experience:)!!

These are things that we’ve learned along the way & that we’d never do NOW:)!!

We always say traveling was the best decision that we’ve ever made & we love helping new travelers get started 🙂

We have ton of resources for travelers:

Free Travel mini course: DM me if you want access to that

🎙️ Weekly Travsessed Podcast: on all podcast platforms

🤩Travsessed FB group

🌎 Travel blogs & videos on

💻 Full comprehensive course: Travelers School

Veteran Travelers: What are some things that you’d never do as a traveler … that maybe you had to learn through experience?
#imtravsessed #travsessed #healthcaretraveler #travelhealthcare #ultrasoundtech #irtech #radiology

When Contract Extensions go very badly!! 🫣🤬😤🙈

After basically being begged to stay….
Erran decided to extend here in NY until the first week of March…

Shit hit the fan the week Erran was negotiating his extension and let’s just say it did not turn out the way we thought it would!

We could be like 🖕 off…pick up & find another contract…
That’s always an option…

But sometimes ya gotta look at the bigger picture…

At this point…
It would be super expensive and time consuming for us to move to another contract …

We leave for Chile in March…
So we don’t want to be bouncing all over the place right now …

So it just makes the most sense to stay put for now ….

We’re hoping they keep the bill rate the same … it’s a really high rate … so the 💰 has been making all this craziness feel worth it !!

9 more weeks!!
You can do anything for 9 more weeks right!!🙈

Have you had any crazy extension surprises”??
#imtravsessed #travsessed #travelhealthcare #healthcaretraveler #ultrasoundtech #irtech #radiology #lifeofatraveler

Have an Adventure + Make an Impact:)!

The Travsessed Impact Fund is supporting the 4North project for the month of December !!

Which means a portion of Every backpack sale will go towards supporting their mission 🙂

4North is a non profit organization that serves the people of the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

In April of 2022… @medventureapp & Ryan from @travelnursetakeover organized a trip for 20+ healthcare travelers to volunteer & serve the people in the DR with 4North…

And we got to be a part of it !!

We went to the most remote areas in the DR & served the people that normally wouldn’t have access to any healthcare.

We set up pop up clinics and performed non medical eye exams.

I (Kim) was
In charge of the eye exams and it was an experience that truly changed me.

Seeing someone’s face light up with a huge smile because they put on a pair of glasses and were finally able to see clearly for the first time… maybe ever!! 🤓

Something so simple… a pair of glasses
Made such a MASSIVE impact in someone’s everyday…quality of life…

It was an incredible opportunity & I’m so grateful to have been apart of that experience 🙂

It was a great mix of serving the community, experiencing local culture & having fun adventures with new travel friends 🙂

You can learn more about 4North & the work they do at

In the spirit of #givingtuesday
Today is the last day to get 20% off the Travsessed Backpack 🙂

Get the #1 travel backpack & make an impact 🙂

Head over to
Link in bio
To check them out
#imtravsessed #travsessed #4northproject #healthcaretraveler #travelhealthcare #ultrasoundtech #irtech #radiology #volunteertravel

Black Friday Sale!! 🎁 🎒✈️🌎

20% off all things Travsessed!!
Use Code: blackfriday22

Good for Travsessed Merch, backpack & Travelers School!

Buy a Travsessed Backpack & get a $150 credit to go towards a 2023 Adventure trip with us:)

Trips we’re currently planning for 2023:
Peru 🇵🇪
Bali ❤️

Get the #1 travel backpack + get a discount on a Travsessed Adventure trip…

The backpacks make excellent gifts for yourself or for another travel loving friend or family member:)!!!

Head over to
>link in profile
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📍 Scootin in Bali 🛵
We’ve spent months of our lives in Bali & it’s literally one of our fav places in the entire world !!

You have to go there to feel & experience the magnetic energy of that freakin beautiful island 🙂

We will be heading there in 2023 for a Travsessed Adventure trip + we will be adding in a volunteer component on this trip.. which we are so freakin pumped to finally be able to do!!

So stay tuned for that:)!

Tomorrow we’re announcing our Black Friday deal & there will be a chance to get a discount on a 2023 adventure trip..

So be on the lookout for that if you’re interested :)!!

Also How good are these Travsessed Backpack “ads” lol 😂

Mr pup is really good at putting clips together to create something fun IMO:)!!

The 2 front pouches on the Travsessed backpack were so amazing & so convenient on all our Bali Adventures!!

📱 💰 💳
Everything at our finger tips, safe & easy to grab!!

We Hope that you are enjoying a relaxing, restful fun Thanksgiving today:)!!

🏋🏻‍♀️ We worked out
🦃 Watched the Macys Day Parade
🥔 Cooking a feast
😋 gonna take an edible
😂 Laugh our freakin asses off
🐷 eat like piggies
🎄 And watch Christmas movies 🙂

It’s a vibe & we have sooo much to be grateful for…
#imtravsessed #travsessed #balitravel #travelhealthcare #healthcaretraveler #ultrasoundtech #irtech #radiology #travelbackpack

#notcool Wednesdays 😡
30 minute lunches are freakin bullshit!!!

We work 8,10 or 12 hours shifts
Working our asses off the entire time without any breaks … taking care of our patients & catering to their needs …

⏰ And by the time we “clock out” for lunch
Go to the bathroom 😝
walk to the cafeteria
Warm up our food … or wait in line to buy food..

Sit down…
Take a breath…

We literally have 10 minutes left on the clock to scarf down our food before we have to head back & jump right back into the craziness & demand within our departments!!

It’s just not ok!!

Having that FULL HOUR… PAID lunch💰
Allows you to:
🍎 Eat in freakin peace
🙏 bring down your cortisol
🎧 Listen to a podcast
☀️ Go for a walk outside
☕️ Grab a cup of Joe
💡 Do whatever you need to do to Fill yourself back up again

So that you can go back & serve your patients with more energy & love !!

30 minute lunches are just #notcool!!

We need to start putting the mental health & well being of our healthcare workers FIRST!!

What do you think about this…

Have you worked at a place with hour lunches?
We have a few times & it was a total game changer for us!!

#imtravsessed #travsessed #notcool #healthcareworkers #healthcareprofessional #travelhealthcare #healthcaretraveler #ultrasoundtech #irtech #radiology

📍 Travsessed Thailand 🇹🇭

We’ve been home from SE Asia for 3 months now … which is so crazy 😝

Feels good to be settled for a bit but watching this video kinda made us miss all the craziness of Bangkok!! 😝

Trains, Boats & Temples…
🚆 🛥 🏙

Exploring Bangkok….

With the Travsessed backpack….
🎒 ✈️ 🌎
We took our backpacks everywhere and It made exploring this huge…crazy…very busy …crowded city ….
So much easier!!

We Kept everything important…
💰 💳 🎟

Upfront …SAFE & within fingertips reach…

The RFID protected front pouches held our:
🌎 Passport
💳 Credit card
💴 Cash
🚊 Train tickets
🎟 Boat tickets
🗺 Map of city
📱 Cellphone

So we could easily access all the things 🙂

And in the back we threw our:
🍎 Snacks
🧥 Change of clothes (to cover shoulders going into temples)
💧 Water
📸 Camera

The Travsessed backpack…

It’s like if a Fanny pack & a backpack had a really cool baby👌😎

Everything you need ALL IN ONE BAG 🎒

For total ease & peace of mind while traveling 🙂

We’re having a Big Black Friday sale for all things Travsessed including our 2023 adventure trips so be on the lookout for that:)
A hub for all things travel 🙂
#imtravsessed #travsessed #travelbackpack #travelgear #bangkok #thailand

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