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Welcome to 

inRoute: The Power of Travel Podcast

 Welcome to inRoute: Power of  Travel Podcast, formerly known as Freedom In Scrubs Podcast and Gapped Travel Podcast

Meet Kim and Erran, a thirty something couple who’s obsessed with all things TRAVEL!!

In 2012, After feeling burnt out & unfulfilled with the 9-5 grind lifestyle they were living,
they decided to quit their full time jobs, sell their house & everything they owned & start their wild & crazy adventure of healthcare traveling!!

They’ve been nomads for the past 8 years, living & working in hospitals all over the US!!

Celebrating 10 years of marriage, they are gearing up to take their Dream Trip….
An entire year off to TRAVEL THE WORLD!!
(once it’s safe to travel again post covid19)

On this podcast, Kim and Erran take you along with them as they kick off their “Adult Gap Year!!”

From the Planning/Prepping/Budgeting phase, leading up to the trip,
To all the Crazy Stories, Adventures, & Lessons learned while on the road,
To the transition back home as they begin the next chapter of their lives…
They are taking you along with them…sharing all the things….every step of the way!

This podcast will also feature fun and exciting interviews of other travelers that have had monumental shifts and inspiration from long term travel.

Their mission is to help others Create more INSPIRATION & FREEDOM in their own lives, through Travel….
And so this podcast is loaded with tons of Valuable Tips, Tools & Stories to help you feel Inspired, Prepared & Ready to jump up and say YES YES YES to your own LONG TERM TRAVEL ADVENTURES!!

You can expect each Episode to be Inspiring, Fun, Entertaining, & Value Packed!!
New episodes every TUESDAY!!

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Why I Ended My Contract Early & What We Learned From The Experience!! ⁣

I decided to end my contract 3 weeks early, & in this weeks episode on the pod, we spill the tea on why we made that decision and what we learned from the experience!!⁣

I’ve been traveling for 9 years, & I’ve never cancelled a contract or have been cancelled by a facility….EVER….not one time!! ⁣

I will say that the decision to end this contract early was a ⁣
mutual/amicable decision that the facility and I both agreed on together, but I was still very surprised on how it all went down on the other side!! ⁣

We get into all the things on the episode!! (Episode 88)⁣
You can search inRoute Travel on any podcast platforms and find us!!⁣
Or the link is in our bio 🙂

We talk about all things travel & we release a new episode every Tuesday!! ⁣

We know both facilities and travelers cancel contracts all the time, unfortunately it’s all part of the travel life. ⁣

Have you ever been cancelled by a facility or cancelled a contract as traveler? What was your experience?⁣
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Kicking off our TRAVELER Turned ENTREPRENEUR Series on the Pod!!! ⁣

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and we love listening to and sharing stories of other people who follow their passions, take action & build/create cool stuff that has a positive impact 🙂

On today’s episode we interview fellow travel friend and Cardiac ICU nurse, Emily Cheng!⁣ @explorn_emcheng

Emily is the co-founder of the brand new App for healthcare travelers, MedVenture!!

This App is a total game changer & Ya’ll are gonna love it!!⁣

It’s basically like Meetup but for the healthcare traveling community!⁣

They created something that makes it sooooo easy for fellow like minded travel friends to connect, meet up & have adventures together while working on assignments!!

In this episode Emily shares her entrepreneurial journey, she gets real, raw & Super vulnerable about what it's been like building something from the ground up, & transitioning from travel nursing to full time Entrepreneur life!! ⁣

⁣We talk about burn out, how to start something from scratch, investing in your business, the mindset needed to do big things, the power of community & everything in between!⁣

This interview was value packed and loaded with tons of inspiration and juicy take aways!! ⁣

Emily is such a badass, and we were so excited to have her on the pod, so we could share her story with you!!

You can listen to the episode with the link in our bio:)

You can also search inRoute Travel on all the podcast platforms and find us:)
We chat about all things Travel Life & we release a new episode every Tuesday 🙂 🎙 🎧❤️

Comment below if your a traveler who’s also building/creating something awesome on the side :)✈️🌎❤️
#travelentrepreneur #inroutetravelpodcast #inroutetravel #kimanderrang

How we’ve been able to pay off over $30k in credit card debt, build an online business, & save up enough money to take an entire year off to travel the world!

>Financial, Professional & Personal Goal Setting For Success & Knowing Your WHY As A Traveler.

>We get into it...this week on the pod!!

We are big on setting goals, creating an action plan, & taking steps towards the things we desire most!!

Being clear and intentional with what you want, why you want it, and creating a plan to get there, is super powerful.

In our experience, Having specific goals or things we want to work on or achieve in a 3 month period of time, gives each contract more purpose and meaning.

It keeps us motivated to show up to work on those days when we feel tired, over it & don’t want to get out of bed!!

We remind ourselves of what we're working towards, and then we get after it!!

Anyway we dig into all the things this week on the pod, we hope this episode inspires you to dream big, be intentional with what it is you desire, set your own goals, make a plan and bring them to life!

You can listen to episode 85 using the link in our bio!!

You can find the inRoute Travel Podcast on all the podcast platforms, we talk about all of a traveler & we release a new episode every Tuesday!!

#inroutetravelpodcast #inroutetravel #kimanderrang #travelcouple

Tips For Dreamers & New Travelers Who’re Getting Started...First Steps To Take & Setting Yourself Up For Success!! ⁣

We just released a new brand new….value packed…fun…episode on the podcast⁣

In this weeks episode we share tips on getting started as a traveler….first steps to take & setting yourself up for success!!! ⁣
Although this podcast is geared towards newer travelers, I truly believe all travelers…no matter how long you’ve been traveling… will be able to benefit from these tips & take something valuable away from this episode and apply it into their own travel lives!!⁣

It’s a mix of both practical and mindset tips & tools ….⁣

You can learn all the logistical things about traveling, but if you don’t have the right attitude or mindset going into this experience….you’re going to have a more challenging….not as fun…. experience on the road!! ⁣

Traveling isn’t all rainbows and butterflies…there are bumps & challenges & you’re out of your comfort zone.. A LOT.. so⁣
Mindset, Attitude & Perspective are everything!! ⁣

So we are super passionate about sharing both, that way you are prepared and have all the things you need to set yourself up for the most fun….expansive…lucrative ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!!⁣

You can listen to episode 84 with the link in our bio!! ⁣

You can find the inRoute Travel podcast on all the platforms & we release a new episode every Tuesday!! (this week we were a little late….sorry)⁣

Ps. I’m starting a new contract today!! Another first day under my belt! After 9 years I still get nervous every time! ⁣
We share some tips & talk about first days in this episode as well!!
#inroutetravelpodcast #kimanderrang #healthcaretraveler #travelingsonographer

The Reality Of Turning Your PASSION into A BUSINESS!! ⁣

Today, there are so many healthcare travelers who are exhausted & burnt out with the clinical side of things & the relentless hospital grind. They are ready for a change and that has inspired them to create side hustles & businesses that they feel passionate & excited about…. US INCLUDED!! ⁣

⁣We talk a lot about Turning your passion/interest into a side hustle or a business, because we believe in doing work and living life in a way that is in aligned with your hearts desires!! ⁣

⁣Because Erran & I both feel bored and unfulfilled with our hospital jobs, building an online business & doing work we love is something we've been talking about & working towards... for years!! ⁣

⁣In this weeks episode on the pod…⁣
We talk about the reality of turning your passion into a business, our experience with doing this & how it can really change things!! ⁣

⁣This episode is a bit of a different tone and a different side of the conversation….⁣

Even though we are huge advocates of doing work you’re passionate about….we wanted to share the truth of what it’s really like & some important things to think about!!⁣

⁣We talk about the Pro's, Con's & take you behind the scenes of our own journey!! ⁣

⁣Link to listen to this weeks episode is in the link in our Bio!⁣

You can find the inRoute Travel Podcast on all the podcast platforms!! ⁣

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⁣TOPICS WE COVER on the podcast:
We talk about the lifestyle of a healthcare travelers, entrepreneurship, international travel, adult gap years & all the travel things!!⁣

We release a new episode every Tuesday so make sure you subscribe (it's free) to know when the episodes go live!! ⁣
#inroutetravelpodcast #kimanderrang #entrepreneurcouple #healthcaretraveler

⁣We’ve lived all over California & it’s one of our favorite states..⁣

It has all the things…⁣
Ocean, cliffs, mountains, lakes, hiking, skiing, desert, yummy wine, yummy food, sunshine, blue skies etc….⁣

But we’ve never spent time in the desert, and we weren’t sure how we were going to feel about it!! ⁣

But we are pleasantly surprised with Palm Springs & it’s absolutely beautiful here!! ⁣

it’s a different kind of beauty…it’s very unique….but it’s a vibe + There is so much to see, do, eat & explore!!

We love that the town is surrounded by mountains….which means there are many great hikes & adventures to be had + we are only 2 hours from the coast!! ⁣

The pacific coast is one of our favorite places, so we are looking forward to a California coast weekend getaway!!⁣

We hiked the South Lykken trail this weekend! ⁣
The trailhead was less than a mile from our house! ⁣
It was a 7 mile hike from peak to peak…it was a great workout and the views were stunning! ⁣

We ate lunch at the top of the mountain…over looking the airport & watched the planes take off…all of my favorite things!! ⁣

Oh and we saw goats...that was fun!! ⁣🤪

We are here until the end of May & we’re excited to spend the spring in PS & explore everything this part of Cali has to offer!!

Please share any favorite Palm Springs things to do with us :)!!!
#palmsprings #californiadreaming #healthcaretraveler #inroutetravel #kimanderrang

Healthcare Travelers Turned Entrepreneurs!!⁣
There are so many healthcare travelers turned entrepreneurs, that are doing really cool stuff for our industry and its so exciting and inspiring to watch!!! ⁣

Healthcare traveling is what really allowed us to take that first step towards creating something of our own. ⁣

We had more time, more money + we were exposed to so many new experiences and new people and new idea’s and new lifestyles that it really cracked us open to a whole new world of possibility! ⁣

In this weeks episode on the pod….⁣
We talk about how we were never meant for the 9-5 grind & how we were entrepreneurs way before we even knew the word & the very early days of our entrepreneurial journey!! ⁣

We are going to be talking a lot more about this topic and we are going to highlight and share the stories & journeys of some super inspiring entrepreneurs in the healthcare traveling community!! ⁣

We all learn grow, grow connect and feel inspired by listening to each others stories!⁣

You can listen to this weeks episode on the inRoute Travel Podcast in the link in our bio!⁣

We talk about all things travel and we release a new episode every Tuesday!! ⁣

You can find us on any podcast platform (search inRoute Travel)⁣

#inroutetravelpodcast #inroutetravel #joshuatree #travelcouple #entrepreneurcouple

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