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 Welcome to The Travsessed Podcast: 

The Podcast that is Obsessed with all Things Travel

 Welcome to inRoute: Power of  Travel Podcast, formerly known as Freedom In Scrubs Podcast and Gapped Travel Podcast

Meet Kim and Erran, a thirty something couple who’s obsessed with all things TRAVEL!!

In 2012, After feeling burnt out & unfulfilled with the 9-5 grind lifestyle they were living,
they decided to quit their full time jobs, sell their house & everything they owned & start their wild & crazy adventure of healthcare traveling!!

They’ve been nomads for the past 8 years, living & working in hospitals all over the US!!

Celebrating 10 years of marriage, they are gearing up to take their Dream Trip….
An entire year off to TRAVEL THE WORLD!!
(once it’s safe to travel again post covid19)

On this podcast, Kim and Erran take you along with them as they kick off their “Adult Gap Year!!”

From the Planning/Prepping/Budgeting phase, leading up to the trip,
To all the Crazy Stories, Adventures, & Lessons learned while on the road,
To the transition back home as they begin the next chapter of their lives…
They are taking you along with them…sharing all the things….every step of the way!

This podcast will also feature fun and exciting interviews of other travelers that have had monumental shifts and inspiration from long term travel.

Their mission is to help others Create more INSPIRATION & FREEDOM in their own lives, through Travel….
And so this podcast is loaded with tons of Valuable Tips, Tools & Stories to help you feel Inspired, Prepared & Ready to jump up and say YES YES YES to your own LONG TERM TRAVEL ADVENTURES!!

You can expect each Episode to be Inspiring, Fun, Entertaining, & Value Packed!!
New episodes every TUESDAY!!

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Do you want to come to PERU with us & a⁣
Small group of other travel friends ?:)⁣

Erran & I planned our first adventure trip for us & 22 other travel friends back in 2020!! ⁣

The plan:⁣
Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu together!!! ⁣

The trip was booked for May of 2020…but as we all know…⁣

Covid happened and we had to cancel the trip!! ⁣


We are in talks with people in Peru & we’re trying to work out the details now 🙂⁣


If you are interested in joining us…⁣
make sure to sign up for the PERU Interest LIST… (link to join in our bio)⁣

Once we get all the deets worked out & are ready to move forward…⁣
We will be sending out an email FIRST to everyone on that list & they will be able to have first dibs to sign up! ⁣

Space is limited because we are only taking 10 other travelers + Erran and I. ⁣
(Looking back…we felt like 22 people was to many)⁣

We wanted to keep the group smaller and more intimate so we can all connect & get to know each other better. ⁣

2 of the spots are already taken….so there are 8 spots left & we will know they will fill up quickly….⁣

So make sure to join the list if you are interested in learning more:)⁣

Again we aren’t sure on exact dates yet because we are trying to figure out all the things …..⁣

But our goal is mid May 2022.⁣

We will spend About 8 or 9 days together⁣
We will be Staying in Cusco Peru⁣

Welcome dinner & drinks⁣
Volunteer Day or doing something that gives back to the community ⁣
FOOD TOUR DAY & exploring Cusco⁣
Exploring Sacred Valley tour day⁣
4 day/ 3 night Inca Trail hike⁣

Again once we decide to move forward…we will be sending out exact intenirary, dates & price!⁣

If you want to be the first to know all the things…Join the interest list:)⁣

This is something we’ve been dreaming of doing for so many years & we are so excited to meet some of you IRL & have an amazing adventure together!!!
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The Travsessed Community has offically MADE IT’S VERY FIRST DONATION!!!! ⁣

Our vision for Travsessed was to create a COMMUNITY powered brand that was not only obsessed with all things traveling but also had a desire to give back & make a positive impact/difference in the world!⁣

Which is why we created the Travsessed Impact Fund!!⁣
A portion of ALL profits made from every single backpack sale…goes into the Travsessed Backpack Fund!!!⁣

So that way EVERY SINGLE PERSON who purchases a Backpack is contributing to the impact fund!

Our goal is to use the fund to support missions & causes that are making a positive impact in the world!⁣

The idea was the more we GROW the more we can GIVE & that felt really exciting to us!!⁣

We offically launched the Travsessed Backpack on 10/11 & we have currently sold 326 bags!!!⁣

Which means that all 326 bags have contributed to the Travsessed Impact Fund!! ⁣

With these 326 sold bags & together as a community we made our first donation to an organization called FLYTE!!⁣

FLYTE was created by @nomadicmatt who is another traveler. (who has an awesome blog BTW)⁣

⁣FLYTE is a non profit organization that empowers students living in underserved communities & gives them access to life changing travel opportunities!!⁣

They fund TRAVEL ABROAD STUDY PROGRAMS that allow students to put their education to use in the REAL WORLD + they serve kids who wouldn’t normally be able to afford or have access to an experience like that!!⁣

Erran & are both OBSESSED WITH ALL THINGS TRAVEL because traveling has personally changed our lives in soooo many ways!!!!!⁣

⁣And that’s why we felt connected to this cause, because it’s giving others the opportunity to have life changing travel experiences!⁣

So thank you to the Travsessed Community for all of your support in making this first donation a reality!!⁣

We are just getting started & we are so excited to see the impact we can make together as a community!!!!⁣

The Travsessed Backpack is availabe on Amazon!! ⁣
Treat yourself to the coolest backpack out there IMO & Make an Impact!!! ⁣
(Link in bio or search Travsessed Travel Backpack on Amazon)
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Travelers School has helped hundreds of students save thousands of dollars!! ⁣

Today is the last day to enroll in our self paced…fully comprehensive….online course Travelers School!! ⁣
This will be the lowest price that is offered for the course this year:)!⁣

If you are new to traveling…
Or thinking about traveling in the future…

You don't have to feel overwhelmed or confused thinking about where to start...or first steps to take...The moment you enroll in Travelers School you will be guided & supported every step of the way!!! We break it all down for you step by step… lesson by lesson:)⁣

Travelers School takes the thought out of answers the questions you didn't even know you had!!⁣

>>It does all the heavy lifting and hard work for you...all you have to do is show up and press play!! ⁣
We’ve got the rest covered :)⁣

It can really be that simple!!!! ⁣

We also have FUN ...we share all of our own stories and lessons & apply them to what you are learning inside of the course.⁣

We break it all down into mini ...bite sized...digestible the info is easy to absorb and understand...⁣
So you can take what you’re learning and apply it right away!!⁣

We cover all of the topics in very specific/micro detail:⁣
The process of getting started⁣
Understanding Pay & how to maximize it⁣
Negotiations: How, What & Why⁣
Comparing pay packages⁣
Building pay packages that fit your needs⁣
Travel Taxes⁣
Tax Homes⁣
Housing Tips to save you thousands of dollars⁣
Resume Building⁣
Working with multiple recruiters⁣
Choosing the best recruiters to work with⁣
Red flags⁣
Rookie mistakes not to do⁣
Mindset of a traveler⁣
& so much more!!⁣

What you get with your TS purchase:⁣
-Instant & LIFETIME access to all 7 modules inside the course⁣
-6 Bonus Trainings⁣
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TS takes you from couch to traveler in the easiest...most FUN, most efficient way possible!!!⁣

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Let’s Make A Positve Impact Together As a Community!! ⁣
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Our online course for HealthCare Travelers!! ⁣
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